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Oregon City - October 26

Laundry, showers and housing voucher applications oh my! Our October 26 Laundry + Shower event at BRAX Laundry was overflowing with amazing humans, housed and unhoused, sharing stories and connecting with resources.

We were joined by volunteers from the District Attorney’s office, the Oregon City Public Library and Oregon City Municipal Court. Our LoveOne outreach team and our community volunteers distributed Narcan and provided training, served a delicious meal, completed housing voucher applications, checked in on mental and physical health, and provided hot showers, clean laundry, bus passes, hygiene items, Bombas socks, harm reduction supplies and of course we did our personal favorite: built community!

We were joined by Lizzy (check out her amazing Halloween nails in the photos) an Oregonian reporter writing a story about LoveOne for their Season of Sharing holiday fundraising campaign.

And last but definitely not least, we set a new record for amount of laundry washed and dried at Brax: 4,520 pounds! That is A LOT OF LAUNDRY.

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