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Oregon City - September

What does community look like to you? To us, community looks like coming together from all walks of life to meet needs, problem solve, laugh, encourage, inspire, meet new pets, wash hands, eat a meal, do laundry, figure out housing, order birth certificates, share hope and so much more.

Last week we connected with 118 neighbors with the help of 18 volunteers. We did more laundry than we thought humanly possible and distributed more food than ever before. Hunger (food

insecurity) is a real thing, particularly in Clackamas County, and we have noticed a significant and growing need for access to food at our events. Stephanie and Milwaukie Lutheran Church provided hamburger meals, the Providence Better Outcomes Through Bridges (BOB) Program provided burritos, chips and salsa, King of Kings Lutheran provided sack meals, and one of the BOB Outreach Specialists brought fresh produce and bread to share. We thought there would be food left over but at the end of the night only a few packages of chips and salsa remained.

We are in awe of the amazing humans - volunteers and neighbors alike - who come together to meet needs and share resources in our community. And we’re ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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