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Oregon City - September 2018

What do you get when you fill a laundromat with nearly 2,000 pounds of laundry, $250 in quarters, 26 families, 10 pizzas, 7 volunteers, 4 cases of water, and a bucket of chocolate eclairs? One very successful LoveOne laundry event! (And only one photo because it was THAT busy!)

We connected with familiar friends and welcomed new ones. We had the honor of celebrating with a neighbor who recently acquired stable housing. 🙌 We had the privilege of watching neighbors pitch in to help one another, from making sure those who were on their feet all day got dinner first to helping wash, dry, and load up the laundry of someone who was struggling under the weight of, well, a lot of things. This, friends, is what community is all about. ❤️

And on that note, LoveOne would like to extend huge thank you's to the following:

😁Dr. Eric Jacobsen at Jacobsen Pediatric Dentistry for the generous donation of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss. (Where's a toothbrush emoji when we need one?!?😉) Thanks, Dr. J!

🍕Our new friends Rich and Betty for providing a very tall stack of hot pizzas which meant everyone at the event had the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal.

💧The fantastic Mr. Dan Mills at Grocery Outlet for donating bottled water and keeping everyone hydrated.

🌬️Our favorite dryer wrangler and OC Les Schwab Assistant Manager Chris Hargrave for the use of an impressively large fan to keep the laundromat comfortable.

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