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Request for help - April 2020

In addition to providing shower supplies for the shower cart operation, LoveOne is helping supply outreach workers with hygiene kits to give to people sheltering in place. Outreach workers will be covering rural and urban areas throughout the County and that means the need for hygiene supplies is great. We've received an impressive amount of supplies...and we need more.🙏

Below is a list of requested items:

chapstick sunscreen wipe on bug repellent wash cloths / cooling cloths deodorant cotton swabs combs disposable razors shave cream/gel menstruation supplies baby/body wipes band-aids first aid ointment shampoo/conditioner (travel size) lotion (travel size) aloe (travel size) individually wrapped snacks bottled water (1/2 gal)

Our updated Amazon wish list can be found here (and all orders can be shipped directly to LoveOne):… Porch pick up or drop off is easy to arrange - just send us a message or email

you would prefer to make a financial donation toward these efforts, please visit and include a note with your donation. Thank you!

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