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Rest In Peace, Casey

Our LoveOne Molalla team and others of our community are with heavy hearts and great sadness as we lost one of our most favorite neighbors this past weekend. Casey left this world too soon. I sit here with tears as I type this to say... We are so thankful for the time we had at our laundry nights with him. He made us smile with his details that mattered to him like his feet 😊... "brand new socks and only new shoes... none of that hand me down stuff". He trained me on exactly how he wanted his blanket folded last week and coached me through it as we both grabbed and end and met together in the middle. His heart was good and kind and he will be missed.

I'm so glad I told him I loved him. Let's all remember to love even just one...these are pictures of Casey getting his new boots from Tim, one of our volunteers, last week at the laundromat on laundry night.

Rest in peace now my friend.

I know that we all have choices to make and sometimes those can be detrimental for ourselves or others but I also know that we do not know each other's battles most often and instead of ignoring, glaring, casting out or pretending to not see people who may look or talk or act different couldn't we just practice kindness? Can we make eye contact and reach to help and give? I understand that we cannot save the world and that helping people have free laundry and resources doesn't save a life but what I am sure of is that each life that walks through those laundromat doors on a laundry night knows that they matter. Because of Casey I will try even harder to share the love and spread hope and dignity through clean laundry and any other way that presents itself.

Thank you for giving hope and dignity with me,

Sarah Schoenborn

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