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Showers - 02/13/22

Sometimes our shower events can be unpredictable. Cold weather, scorching heat, smokey air, leaky pipes, rain, snow, hail you name it, we’ve probably gone through it. But no matter the challenge put in front of us, our volunteers show up!

While we had a few mechanical hiccups last Sunday, the volunteers made my day.

Our Friendly Neighborhood Nurse Judy came to provide foot care and good company. Our lovely Sunday Soupday Soup Lady Kristi came with her doggos and made the most delicious chili and breadsticks with garlic dipping sauce - YUM!

We had a few awesome volunteers from Rotary Club of Milwaukie, Oregon, thanks Janelle and James. The lovely Kathryn Long came to help with our check-in table, and our newest shower-coordinator-in-training Doug O’Neil came to learn how to set up the shower cart!!

We also have a behind the scenes crew that always make our event great! Roxanne and her crew made delicious sack lunches, the wonderful Wanda and Carol towed our toilet cart, and Tim towed the shower cart to and from the event.

I wanted to use this week’s post to thank ALL the volunteers who came yesterday, but also all the volunteers who have made our shower event what it is for the past year and a half. Here’s to another year of providing hot showers to neighbors without access to running water!

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