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Showers - 1/31/21

We provided 12 showers last night and we didn’t end up needing to build an that was nice. Thank goodness for pop up canopies! 🌧

Midway through the event an OCPD Officer pulled up to deliver a neighbor who had spent the night before in the hospital and upon returning to their camp discovered someone had burned all of their belongings. Desperate and with nowhere else to go, showers was the one safe place they knew they could go. We settled this exhausted and distraught neighbor near a heater and started making phone calls. Thanks to help from our friends at Greater Good NW and Do Good Multnomah, we were able to get a shelter bed for this neighbor and arranged for transport. One of our volunteers, who has graciously taken on the headache that is activating prepaid phones, activated our last phone and sent this neighbor with our contact information and a backpack filled with a few basic supplies.

Sometimes, oftentimes, LoveOne is where people go when they have no where and no one else left to turn to.

If we can help, we should. ❤

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