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Showers - 3/14/21

14 neighbors showered on Sunday at our Milner Vet event.

We also had our fabulous Nurse Judy back! She did some wonderful work making our neighbors’ feet healthy and strong! Thank you, Judy - you are an absolute treasure. ❤

A neighbor who recently got a job requested work boots with good tread. Thanks to a generous donation from a supporter, we were able to deliver a really great pair of work boots the following week! 🥾

When we asked the donor if they wanted to give M the boots, they said, “I’d love to see who the boots are for, but I don’t need anyone to know they are from me. Just so he knows they are from a neighbor who is rooting for him and believes in him. I am really grateful be able to be a small part and hope to do more!”

Totally made our week, and such an important reminder that everything we do would not be possible without our community that continues to support us in so many ways. 💕

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