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Showers - 6/27/21

With extreme temperatures of up to 112 degrees on Sunday, we considered canceling our shower event. However, we made the decision that it would be better to hold the event even if it was only to pass out cold waters and check-in with the neighbors who might come out. It is our consistency and resiliency that builds trust in our Oregon City Shower community - and that is what makes what we do here so special. Come COVID, come smoke, come rain or shine, come ice or scorching heat - LoveOne will be here.

With 6 AMAZING volunteers (welcome Alec and Baily!) we provided 8 much appreciated showers and clean underclothes in the heat while handing out tons of cold waters, frozen water bottles and snow cones (thanks Carol!) to keep everyone cool and hydrated.

After the event we had a lot of water left, so two of our rock star volunteers delivered more than 100 bottles of water to neighbors who weren’t able to make the trek in the heat. They visited camps and connected with folks who were incredibly surprised and thankful to have our team check in with them. Thank you Collin and Tom!

Stay cool out there, and if you are interested in becoming a part of our amazing group of volunteers please visit our website at to sign up!

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