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Those of you who know our LoveOne Executive Director Dave McAdams know that he has a huge heart for his community. What started 8+ years ago as a single act of kindness - sharing quarters in a laundromat with a neighbor in need - has grown into a community-based nonprofit that provides free laundry at four locations in Clackamas County every month. We are so thankful for Dave and his persistent, hopeful, and dedicated love for his neighbors. ❤️

Dave and his wife Tina recently learned that Dave is facing his third battle with cancer. Scans show that the Stage IV cancer is in his lungs and lymph nodes and doctors have told him that the cancer is inoperable. Dave is scheduled to begin treatment mid-July to extend his life as long as possible.

Friends, it's our turn to give back to Dave in whatever way we can. LoveOne has set up a GoFundMe account to help support Dave and his wife Tina. Please also consider posting a meaningful memory and/or photo to one of our Facebook pages or on the GoFundMe site. Notes, cards, photos, etc. can also be dropped off during our laundry event on July 2 from 6-8pm at QED Laundry in Milwaukie, or message us through Facebook to make other arrangements. Thank you!

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