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Trash Extravaganza - 06/24

Wow, what an extraordinary day on Jennifer Street! Look at these before and after pictures and you can see the incredible work that was done to keep our community clean and our unhoused neighbors safe! The residents of this camp have been super motivated and working hard since last week to prepare for our trash-hauling extravaganza!

Thanks to Metro and their relationship with Union Pacific Railroad, we were able to facilitate a trash cleanup across Union Pacific Railroad tracks for the first time with the help of their Engineer Flagger!

Giant thanks to Stephanie and her team from Metro who arrived early to bag up and transport all the garbage across the tracks so we could finish up the job and load it into a huge dumpster. Also a big thank you to Kate and Tenille for providing the Dropbox!! We can't express the gratitude we feel towards everyone who partners and volunteers with us to make it possible to help provide our unhoused neighbors with a cleaner and safer place to live. Thank you!!

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