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A Letter to Dave - December 2019

Dear Dave,

So there was that time Tom called me at work to say he saw your post about free laundry and he thought maybe he could pick up a few rolls of quarters and we could come check it out as a family. And we kept coming back.

There was the time we celebrated Gabe’s birthday in the laundromat with our neighbors and you had everyone join in to sing to him.

There was the time you invited the Boy Scouts to come and volunteer. They brought snacks, a folding table and card games to play with our neighbors and it was the most real sense of community I had ever experienced.

There was the time a lady who had been receiving laundry services visited an event after getting back on her feet. She came armed with a basket of books to read to the littles who needed a little entertaining while their parents finished laundry.

There was the time Costco donated a pallet of detergent so you went and picked it up and sent a photo of your incredibly full car. #DetergentForDays

There was the time we heard about a need for a newer washer and dryer in the OCHS Skills class and we were able to make it happen.

There was the time we celebrated LoveOne OC’s birthday with balloons and cake. And the time we held a pancake breakfast and C3 Car Club Portland brought their cars and volunteered.

There was the time we helped Sarah start LoveOne Laundry Molalla and celebrated with custom LoveOne cookies.

There was the time we helped restock the OCHS Pioneer Pantry. And the time you bought The Local Coffee Company. And all the times we talked mission and vision during LoveOne Board meetings and through Marco Polo messages.

There was the time you asked me to consider stepping into your role as Executive Director of LoveOne and I said I didn’t think I could do it as well as you and you said, “It’s the same story, different wrapping paper. You know the mission.”

There was the time we came to see you in the hospital and we laughed and cried and cursed. And ate Otter Pops. And made a video about me transitioning into the LoveOne Executive Director position except you had to do all the talking because I just kept crying.

And now I’m out of words and my heart hurts but it’s also full because of the gift. #TheStory

LovedDeeply, Brandi

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