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Food Pantry - 11/02/23, 11/09/23, and 11/16/23

t's been a little while since we've posted about our weekly food pantry at Redland Grange, and WOW have we been busy! Our team of staff and volunteers continue to go out of their way to provide as much food as possible as our numbers increase.

11/02/2023: 340 people shopped for representing 89 kids, 126 seniors, 113 families and 35 veterans.

11/09/2023: 363 people shopped for representing 98 kids, 144 seniors, 120 families and 32 veterans.

11/16/2023: 388 people shopped for representing 107 kids, 156 seniors, 129 families and 32 veterans.

Thank you to Redland Grange, Oregon Food Bank, Clackamas Service Center and our community of kind souls who make this happen each week!

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