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Milwaukie North - February

Monday was Valentine’s Day and also laundry night at Milwaukie Laundry! We can’t think of a better way to spend a day celebrating those we love than with our community at the laundromat.

First, a heartfelt thank you to Josh and Kenny, owners of Milwaukie Laundry for their continued and generous support of our LoveOne + GracePointe laundry night. Their employee Maria has been supporting our event by helping us in the laundromat, connecting with neighbors, and distributing supplies. Josh and Kenny have also made some of the machines free for our use on event nights, which means we can provide more clean clothes and bedding for the community. Thank you, Milwaukie Laundry!

60 neighbors received help with laundry (3,480 pounds worth) as well as hygiene supplies, food, bus passes and access to health resources.

One of the ways we show love in our LoveOne family is through food - filling bellies with good food and providing options - can change someone’s whole day. On Monday our team took dinner to a whole ‘nother level:

-Sunday Soupday and incredible cook Kristi provided delicious homemade chili, breadsticks, garlic dipping sauce and coffee.

-Volunteer and all around rockstar Abby brought amazing vegan burritos complete with guacamole.

-Shower and laundry superstar volunteer Kathryn made 52 complete sandwich meals for neighbors to take with them (she doesn’t miss any of the good stuff).

-Dave, one of our laundromat magicians, brought tasty homemade Valentine’s Day cookies to spread the love.

-Community members Bill and Lisa stopped by to say how much they appreciate what we do. The next thing we knew, they’d purchased and delivered 20 fresh from the oven pizzas to the laundromat!

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