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Milwaukie South - October

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We continue to break records at our events. While we like setting records and meeting new neighbors, we don’t love what this represents: acute poverty experienced by a significant number of Clackamas County residents, and those numbers continue to grow due to COVID-19 and the recent wildfires.

11 volunteers worked nonstop for several hours to meet the needs of the 65+ neighbors who needed help with laundry, hygiene supplies, food and clothing.

We washed, we dried, we encouraged, we celebrated, we cried and we comforted. Two neighbors who used to need our services now volunteer with us. Stephanie with Milwaukie Lutheran Church set up a clothes closet (clothes parking spot?) for our neighbors. Folks who only had the clothes on their backs received new outfits and were able to wash what they’d been wearing. A young woman who only had slippers to wear (and terrible blisters as a result) received a pair of shoes. A neighbor who experienced horrific abuse at the hands of their spouse and recently found themselves houseless as a result received a phone and was connected with an outreach worker who is moving mountains to get them into transitional housing and connected with the supports they need to heal.

We were short on laundry supplies and someone kindly dropped off a box of pre-made laundry kits. Blake with Outside In was on site to provide supportive services. Kiddos in need of new clothes received two bags courtesy of Cassie and AVillage ForOne. Grocery Outlet owner Dan came by to see if we needed a hand...and we did! He immediately jumped in and started counting quarters.

Our neighbors left a little more hopeful than they arrived, knowing they are cared for just as they are. And that, friends, is the heart of LoveOne...because when today is taken care of, we can plan for tomorrow. ❤

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