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Milwaukie South - September 5

September 5 was a lovely Tuesday evening for our first event of the month!

We had a whopping 20 volunteers/staff and couldn’t have done the event without everyone! We served 63 participants and did 58 loads of laundry. We welcomed inwhat looked and felt like Fall with chicken noodle soup and rolls. Thanks Mel!! Also many thanks to Gretchen with 4D Recovery and Anna with Cascade Aids Project for faithfully attending so many of our laundry events. You serve our community well!

A massive thank you to Integrative Health and HAPO Credit Union for your continued support in sharing your parking lots twice a month!

Last but not least, thank you to Earth Breeze for the continued support in the form of laundry detergent to help make all of this possible! Your generosity knows no bounds!

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